What Will Be Your Legacy?

by Amy Sharp

Margaret McCullough Connolly, Sugar Land Attorney and Counselor at Law

You probably don’t think about your legacy daily… but August is the perfect month to start. It’s “What Will Be Your Legacy?” month—a time to examine the effectiveness of your life and plan your legacy.

Legacy is anything handed down from a predecessor. This month is an excellent time to think about your intangible gifts: what you have learned, your values, and giving of yourself to the world around you. It’s also imperative to plan for your physical legacies—your assets. Dalyn Hoegemeyer, a financial advisor with a large American-based financial services firm, says, “I tell my clients that when you leave this earth, there are three places your assets can go: to your family, to your favorite charity, or to the government. Having the proper documentation in place to ensure your wishes are carried out is critical.”

To carry out her own personal estate planning documentation, Dalyn chose Fort Bend attorney Margie Connolly. “Margie is the perfect fit…someone we can grow with as our needs change. For my family, she’s created wills, financial and medical powers of attorney, medical directives, and a revocable transfer on death deed.”

“Margie was able to look at my goals and my age, and create a strategy to protect my assets based on my scenario,” continues Dalyn. “That’s why she’s also one of the attorneys I refer clients to. From wills and powers of attorney to revocable or irrevocable trusts, Medicaid preparation, long term care preparation, and the various other scenarios that exist, Margie and I work together as a team to put in place what is right for you. And when you work with Margie, your net worth does not matter. She does not charge a percentage of your estate to come up with a plan. It’s a flat-fee for everyone. She’s truly passionate about making sure your assets are protected from going where you may not want them to go.”

Your legacy is your chance to contribute positively to the future. Take this month to challenge yourself to imprint your legacy upon others…it can be as easy as merely living life to its fullest. And don’t delay in protecting your hard-earned physical legacy with proper estate planning documentation…because no one is guaranteed tomorrow.