Legal Issues that Affect Your Family —Who Can You Trust?

by Amy Sharp

Margaret McCullough Connolly, Sugar Land Attorney and Counselor at Law

Becky Neese has served as the administrative assistant at Christ Church School, the Mother’s Day Out preschool program sponsored by Christ United Methodist Church, since the school’s inception in 1987.

“In this position,” says Becky, “I get a lot of young parents asking for advice. The topics range of course, but lots of times these young people are looking for answers to legal questions. Many are just not at a point in their life that they’ve ever needed an attorney. Sometimes it’s as simple as leaving their children with a relative while they take a vacation out of the country…do they need to put anything in writing? Others are looking for information on wills and trusts, and still others are dealing with divorce and custody issues. My go-to—my number one recommendation for anything family law related—is local attorney Margie Connolly.”

“When you work with Margie, she asks the right questions to ensure all of the angles are covered. I’ve worked with her personally a few times. A couple of years ago, I had her redraft my will. My kids are older now, and it needed to be updated. Not only did Margie make suggestions that I had not thought of, but her price was also super reasonable. She spent more time with me and asked more questions than the previous time I had a will drafted, and the cost was dramatically less. Plus, she is well prepared and has the process streamlined.”

“On another occasion, I had a close friend that needed a divorce,” continues Becky. “Margie was an invaluable asset in looking out for my friend’s best interest. In this particular situation, the sticking point was getting the other party to sign. Margie was able to negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution. My friend is still singing Margie’s praises!” 

“In both my legal dealings with Margie and those of my friends, she has spent a lot of time and asked a lot of questions. She makes sure everything is done right and that you understand what is going on. It’s why I’m comfortable recommending her to the young parents at our school. I know she will take care of them!”