Social Networking – New Investigator In Child Support Cases

Posted on September 22, 2014

by Margie Connolly

It has been said that social networking on platforms such as Facebook has become part of the daily lives of most Americans. Texas residents may be interested to know that social networks have turned into modern-day private investigators. According to reports, social networks are utilized by legal professionals as a tool in gathering evidence in cases such as child support disputes and divorces.

In a real-life example, a parent claimed to be unable to pay the court-ordered child support due to an injury that prevented him from working. However, a post on his Facebook page showed him dancing at a party. This provided the evidence that was necessary to enforce child support payment. On the other hand, a mother who applies for a child support modification, claiming that what she currently receives is not enough, may want to avoid posting pictures of herself wearing designer clothing and expensive jewelry.

Studies have indicated that there are 400 million Facebook users worldwide, each with about 130 friends on average. Many users of social networks do not realize that, once something is posted, it cannot be undone. Parents who are caught up in child support battles may want to keep an eye on the other parent’s social network posts, as therein may lie the evidence they need.

Custodial parents in Texas who are struggling to care for their children with the court-ordered child support payment have the right to apply for child support modifications. The court will consider the current circumstances of the custodial home, along with that of the parent who is obligated to pay child support. The guidance of a family law professional may be invaluable in assessing the details and the viability of a modification claim.