“Service Above Self” 

by Amy Sharp

Margaret McCullough Connolly, Sugar Land Attorney and Counselor at Law

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends,  leaders, and problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change in communities at home and abroad. Behind a motto of “Service Above Self,” Rotarians have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects.

Rotary International’s theme this year is “Making a Difference,”   and our Sugar Land Rotary Club is doing just that in both the Fort Bend community and in the world. Local attorney and Sugar Land Rotary President-elect Margie Connolly became involved with Rotary because she wanted to give back to the community and associate with like-minded people. “What developed is a group of very close friends, and many opportunities for ‘Service Above Self,’” says Margie. “We all want to give back to the community based on our own special gifts.”

One of Rotarian Tracy Walker’s gifts is giving of herself to her family. She has three children! And because of Rotary, that number grew by two. Tracy says, “Through Rotary, I have hosted two exchange students…one from Brazil and one from Sweden. I now consider them part of my family!” Rotarian Rose Johnson has devoted her life to helping others get screened for colon cancer after nearly losing her own life to the disease. Rose says, “Rotary provides me a team of people to help me focus on my passion for colon cancer awareness.” David Shaw has been a Rotary member since 1961, joining the Sugar Land Club in 2001. David says, “I believe Rotarians together can accomplish much more than any individual. To quote one of our newest members, Ahmed Dhanani, ‘I can point with a single finger, but I know that I have five on each hand, and can make a fist–which makes a much bigger impact.’”

Margie adds, “Here in Sugar Land, our club is comprised of people from all age groups, and of diverse backgrounds. We’ve helped the Fort Bend Women’s Center, Fort Bend Literacy Council, Fort Bend Boys Choir and Fort Bend Rainbow Room. We’ve made significant monetary donations to Rotary International’s extraordinary success in the near eradication of polio. I truly believe young people can benefit from becoming involved in Rotary. It’s monumental in developing both leadership skills and the commitment to serving others.” And another of Rotary’s newest and youngest members, Sarah Reno, agrees. “I have been a member for a short time, but Rotary has already made a difference in my life.”

2017-18 Rotary President Jim Munnell is committed to that same purpose. “I’m a firm believer in helping others help themselves. As President, I hope to help the next generation develop a legacy of ‘Service Above Self.’” For more information on Rotary or to attend a meeting, visit www.sugarlandrotary.org.