Protecting the People and Possessions for Which You are Most Thankful

by Amy Sharp

Margaret McCullough Connolly, Sugar Land Attorney and Counselor at Law

“I’ve witnessed the nightmare left behind by family members who had nothing set up to deal with their business after their deaths,” says local RE/MAX Realtor Jeanne Gregory. “And after having to make some hard decisions over the care of an elderly loved one, my husband Dennis and I realized how important it was to be able to communicate final wishes to our family when it comes to medical treatment and end of life decisions.”

Jeanne and Dennis turned to Fort Bend attorney Margie Connolly for help. “Margie advised us of new tax exemptions that could adversely affect us if our old wills were left in place. Then she assisted us in updating our wills, powers of attorney and medical directives. Margie is very to the point. She asked pertinent questions and made recommendations that would save us money, not only in her fees, but in probate. She also helped us setup the new transfer on death deeds on our properties, which will seamlessly transfer our real estate should one of us die. We set up executors of our estate and Margie gave us valuable advice as to where to keep papers. So many people think their wills should be in a safe deposit box…but I know from experience that you just can’t go open someone’s safe deposit box after they die.”

“Margie is very efficient and knows her stuff,” continues Jeanne. “It’s why I highly recommend her to my clients. As a realtor for over 30 years, I’ve seen many folks try to sell a piece of property, only to find a probate issue. I’ve seen families torn apart fighting over land and homes because the deceased had no will. Everyone needs a will. It’s a valuable piece in your personal financial plan and you owe it to your kids to have your affairs in order. I feel totally confident referring Margie to my friends, family and clients. She can help you address something that maybe isn’t that much fun, but you will feel much better after all the plans are in place!”