Full financial disclosure during divorce process can avoid costly litigation later.

Posted on June 30, 2014

by Margie Connolly

Every divorce is different, but there are ways to avoid it being a long drawn-out affair that involves legal fights for years after the divorce. Both parties of divorcing couples in Texas deserve to move on and start a new life. However, when one of the parties in a divorce withholds financial information during the asset division process, it may lead to ongoing conflict.

A Texas woman recently filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband six years after their marriage ended. The couple was married in 2005 and the marriage ended in 2008. During the division of their assets, their house was excluded, because the husband allegedly claimed that the house was in foreclosure. However, the wife subsequently learned in 2013 that this was untrue and that he allegedly continued living in the house.

According to the lawsuit, the woman wants the house to be sold and the income to be shared. She claims that the property division during the divorce was unfair, and her accusations against her ex-husband include fraud and breach of contract. In addition, she seeks costs and damages as deemed appropriate by law.

Texas couples who are considering divorce may want to have honest and open conversations about their wishes in the division of their property. Couples who are able to come to mutual agreements may avoid unnecessary litigation. If communication proves impossible, the services of a mediator may lead couples to compromise. However, certain situations can only be solved through litigation, and information related to court procedures are readily available to those who may feel intimidated by the process.  For more information visit https://mmconnollylaw.com